Echovirus Causes Fever, Intestinal Infection, Skin Rash Symptoms

The ECHO in echovirus stands for enteric cytopathic human orphan. It belongs to the enterovirus family because it dwells in your intestinal tract, as does polio and coxsackie viruses as well.

Echovirus infections are fairly common and contagious, predominantly spread via contaminated fecal matter. But transmission is occasionally through oral secretions. And this viral infection is most active during the summer and fall.

Echoviruses usually cause mild discomfort, with low fever, intestinal infection and/or skin rash symptoms. Yet, many carry this virus around in their digestive system without experiencing any noticeable infection symptoms.

But less frequently, echovirus can cause a significant health condition. In fact, some cases have been fatal.

Fever, intestinal infection and skin rash symptoms can be accompanied by other infectious disease symptoms depending on the severity of your infection. Echovirus pathogens can cause a broad range of health conditions and symptoms, like:

Echovirus respiratory tract infections will cause similar symptoms to those of rhinovirus, adenovirus and respiratory syncytial virus.

Since no specific antiviral drug is available and echovirus tends to resolve on its own, any necessary treatment focuses on palliative care of your fever, intestinal infection and skin rash symptoms.