Drug Side Effects, Medication Side Effects, Adverse Drug Reactions

A drug side effect is a reaction that’s not helpful toward symptom relief or cure. And the effect may be adverse to your health.

Occasionally, medication side effects are useful. For instance, some antihistamines cause sleepiness.

A side effect may arise when starting, stopping or changing a drug dosage. Drug side effects vary amongst individuals. Some are more apt to experience certain adverse reactions than others.

For the most part, adverse effects are minor. Typically, discontinuance of a particular medication causing adverse outcomes resolve the problem. Lifestyle, dietary changes, dosage adjustments or an additional drug may be used to combat effects as well.

There are a myriad of potential adverse side effects from drugs. Here’s a broad range sampling of those adverse health reactions:

Adverse effects can happen if you take more than one drug at a time, known as a drug interaction. Or with the consumption of certain foods, aka food interaction.

If you are on any prescription medication, then you should check with health care provider before taking any OTC medicines.

Sometimes, adverse drug reactions can be caused by a drug allergy.