Diuretic Water Pills Causes Water Weight Loss, Diuretics Side Effects, Natural Diuretic Foods

A prescribed diuretic, aka water pills, causes water weight loss by acting on your kidneys to excrete sodium. And water goes along with this excreted sodium.

However, when you excrete large amounts of water, you can lose potassium as well. This can result in hypokalemia.

There are three types of diuretics that work on a different part of your kidneys:

  • loop diuretics
  • thiazide diuretics
  • potassium sparing diuretics

Their uses vary, so which one is best depends on your health and condition for treatment.

Some conditions for which water pills may be prescribed include:

As with most prescribed medications, side effects are possible. These will largely depend on which type of diuretic you are prescribed. But in general, water pill side effects may include:

Some suffer from gout with prolonged use of diuretics.

Get in touch with your health care professional should you experience a severe rashbreathing problems or swallowing difficulties.

You may need to stop taking your water pills during a bout with diarrhea, commonly caused by gastroenteritis or food poisoning.

For some, going a more natural diuretic route might be preferred. There are some herbal diuretics and over the counter diuretics available. If your water pill prescription is part of the treatment for a condition, then always discuss the natural option with your doctor first.

For those seeking water weight loss due to retention, abstaining from adding salt to foods is a great start. Additionally, there are some natural diuretic foods, such as:

  • coffee
  • cranberries
  • cranberry juice
  • apple cider vinegar
  • caffeinated beverages

And naturally treating slightly elevated blood pressure via healthy foods and exercise is highly feasible.