Causes of Tooth Abscesses, Pus Pockets, Papules and Skin Abscess(es) Symptoms for Treatment

An abscess is a pocket of pus, sometime referred to as papules or pimplesBacteriavirusesparasites and swallowed objects can all cause an abscess.

When an area becomes infected, your body’s immune system tries to fight it off by sending white blood cells in. These cells collect at the damaged tissue site and cause inflammation. It is during this process, that painful pus forms causing the abscesses.

Skin abscesses are easy to detect, they’re red and painful. Tooth abscesses usually let you know with a severe, gnawing, sharp or shooting toothache.

Pus pockets, papules or pimples abscesses are caused by a buildup of fluid, living and dead white blood cells, dead tissue and bacteria or other foreign substances.

You can also have an abscess anywhere in your body. These you may not know about or notice, but they can damage organs, including your brain and lungs.

Skin abscess treatment is usually drainage and topical antibiotics. For tooth abscess, drainage, and in severe cases prescription antibiotics.