Dermatographia Causes Welts, Wheals, Red Lines Skin Scratch, Rub Irritation

Does merely scratching or rubbing your skin leave welts, wheals or red lines? Then you likely have dermatographia.

Dermatographia is a skin health condition caused by overly sensitive skin cells. And even a minor skin rub causes redness, itching and hive like swelling.

Your symptoms of dermatographia may involve:

Typically doesn’t take much to trigger these dermatographia symptoms.

Your wheals or welts irriation may be caused by an insignificant rub against clothes or the like. You might find that cold, heat, pressure and sunlight can activate red line dermatographia skin irritation.

Why a skin scratch or rub leaves behind these welts on your skin isn’t precisely known. Dermatographia could be caused by an allergic reaction, but to what hasn’t been established.

Your cause for dermatographia may increase due to:

Dermatographia commonly occurs in young adults and frequently dies down with age.

Dermatographia caused welts, wheals or red lines typically fade within a short time without leaving any lasting marks. Although, some may experience uncomfortable skin scratch irritation.

Ordinarily, dermatographia skin rubbing wheals doesn’t require treatment. If your welt symptoms are severe, then your health care person may suggest you take a low dose antihistamine.

To reduce your red line symptoms of dermatographia conquer unnecessary skin scratching and rubbing. Keep moisturizer on dry skin and try topical hydrocortisone for minor itchy skin conditions.

And help prevent itchy skin dehydration by drinking ample amounts of water.