Contagious Ringworm Causes Round Circular Skin Rash of Scaly, Crusty, Itchy Symptoms for Treatment

Ringworm is a fungus causing a skin rash infection that is typically round or circular in appearance. This contagious fungus loves to thrive in wet, moist areas, and has the potential to infect your skin, scalp and fingernails. Those commonly known “jock itch” and “athlete’s foot” infections are caused by this fungus.

Ringworm symptoms are marked by a round or circular appearing rash or sore that may be:

  • red
  • wet
  • dry
  • pink
  • itchy
  • scaly
  • white
  • raised
  • crusty
  • oozing
  • blister like

Usually ringworm sore infections are not serious, but can be extremely annoying. Especially if you are experiencing its in between your toes or groin itch symptoms.

You can get ringworm by contact with:

  • an infected individual
  • damp surfaces ~ shower floors
  • belongings of an infected person
  • animals ~ dogs, cats, cows or horses

Initial treatment for scaly, crusty, itchy ringworm is applying over the counter antifungal lotion, powder or cream to your affected skin area. If this doesn’t do the circular rash job, then you may need to pay a visit to your physician for a more powerful prescription strength medication.

To keep your skin healthy and free of this round skin rash fungus infection:

And don’t share personal items, there are numerous health concerns with this type of behavior.