Cherry Angioma Causes Bright Red Skin Spots, Cherry Angiomas Removal Treatment

Do you have tiny bright cherry red skin spots on your torso, or anywhere else on your body? And did your bright red skin spots appear out of nowhere sometime after your 30th birthday? The papule is likely what’s referred to as cherry angioma.

A cherry angioma is a benign skin growth caused by dilated skin surface capillaries. Typically these skin lesions are bright red to purple in color and shaped like small round domes. Your bright red skin spots may grow larger, thicker or join up with others nearby.

As you may have already discovered, a cherry angioma can excessively bleed if damaged. So sticking your red skin spot with a needle in an attempt to clear your skin will only cause you bloody grief.

Sometimes referred to as senile angiomas or Campbell de Morgan spots, they are the most common kind of angioma. And cherry angioma numbers tend to increase with age.

Having a cherry angioma is a fairly common skin condition, which usually develops on the torso. The cause for most bright red skin spots to occur is unknown and for the most part considered harmless to your health.

Generally, these bright red skin spots will not need treatment. However, if they are in a spot that causes them to bleed (i.e bra line or pant line), then they can be removed. And cherry angiomas removal treatment is also performed purely for cosmetic purposes.

Cherry angiomas removal treatment may be accomplished via a couple of ways:

Typically, cherry angiomas removal treatment won’t cause a scar.

In extremely rare cases, it is believed that cherry angiomas can be caused by a developing internal malignancy.