Chemical Exposure Health Effects

Chemical exposure means you’ve come in contact with a substance that enters your body generally by touching it, breathing it or consuming it. These chemicals can be brought to you via the air, water, soil, food or manufactured goods. So in reality, your regular exposure to various chemicals is pretty much unavoidable.

Yet, your health is not necessarily effected by a mere exposure. Your body has the ability to rid itself of chemicals through urination, exhalation, feces and sweat. However, chemical exposure health effects do occur and here are just some of the chemicals that may cause some problems:

Even drugs expose your body to chemicals. And individual sensitivity coupled with the type, extent and mode of a chemical exposure all contribute to whether an exposure is toxic or poisonous.

There’s a myriad of symptoms caused by an exposure to various chemicals, some of which include:

Inhaling certain chemicals can trigger an allergic reaction or asthma, that leads to airway inflammation. And chemical exposure health effects are not always the same for every body.

Long term chemical exposure may cause, or be a risk factor for causing, serious and permanent health effects, such as:

A few of the sources causing chemical contributions to dietary or environmental exposure are:

  • mines
  • landfills
  • seafood
  • perfumes
  • meth labs
  • pesticides
  • air pollution
  • canned foods
  • air fresheners
  • water pollution
  • cigarette smoke
  • volcanic eruption
  • fires ~ wild, house
  • paint, paint stripper
  • household cleaners
  • automotive exhaust
  • wood burning stoves
  • hazardous waste sites
  • unfiltered drinking water
  • food additives, preservatives
  • illegal dumping ~ water, land
  • industrial facilities ~ factories, chemical plants

For certain chemicals, a blood or urine sample may be taken to determine if you’ve been exposed and level of exposure.

Treatment varies based on the chemical you’ve been exposed to and symptoms caused by any corresponding health effects. A couple of different methods for which chemical exposure is treated are oxygen therapy, assisted ventilation, induced vomiting, corticosteroids, bronchodilators, activated charcoal, and skin or eye flushing.