Cervicitis, Cervix Inflammation, Inflammation of the Cervix Causes Bleeding Between Periods

Are you bleeding between periods or after painful intercourse? Well, cervicitis could be your cause for the bloody ooze. Cervicitis is inflammation of the cervix. And an inflamed cervix can cause bleeding. Your cervix is a narrow opening into your uterus.

Typically, you wouldn’t know you have cervix inflammation because it generally causes little to no symptoms. However, when symptoms are present you may experience:

Your cervix helps prevent bacteria and viruses from entering your uterus. However, if the cervix is infected, then the likelihood increases for your uterus to become infected as well.

Commonly, the cause of cervicitis is an STD, namely:

Cervicitis caused by gonorrhea or chlamydia can spread to the uterine lining and the fallopian tubes, causing PID.

Other possible causes for this cervix bleeding include:

Organisms that cause vaginitis can also cause cervicitis.

Cervicitis is very common, and you may not need treatment if your cervical inflammation isn’t caused by an STD. A bacterial infection is treated with an antibiotic. If your cause is viral, the treatment is an antiviral. But, the herpes virus is incurable.

Cervicitis will heal up with treatment provided a cause is found and a treatment is available for that cause. In some cases, cervicitis can be chronic.

Your between periods bleeding can be due to other causes, for instance:

So, have the health of your cervix checked by a gynecologist before drawing any bloody conclusions.