Cervical Spondylosis Causes Neck Pain, Shoulder Pain Symptoms for Natural Cervical Disc Treatment

Cervical spondylosis, aka cervical osteoarthritis or neck arthritis, is the wearing of your neck joints and cervical discs. The most common cause of cervical spine degeneration is aging, although a previous neck injury can have an impact on deterioration development.

The cervical changes in an aging neck that may cause compressed nerve roots, often gives notice by neck and shoulder pain symptoms. The cause for these symptoms are:

Other symptoms of cervical spondylosis are:

A pain in your neck or shoulder that progressively worsens is the primary symptom for cervical spondylosis. And may be your only sign that all is not well in your upper spine area.

Natural home treatment remedies for mild neck pains include:

  • long, hot showers
  • wearing a cervical collar
  • regular low impact activities
  • warm compress to neck region
  • avoid high impact aerobic exercises
  • neck strengthening/stretching exercises
  • OTC nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory medicine
  • limit neck movement to reduce nerve irritation
  • good posture ~ neck aligned over your shoulders
  • limit holding your neck in the same position for prolonged periods

Your natural treatment goal is pain relief and further injury prevention.

Should your cervical spondylosis neck and shoulder pain worsen despite your best efforts, and/or you develop numbness in your arms and legs, and/or you find it difficult to control your bowel and bladder, then its a trip to your doctor time.

Chronic neck pain and shoulder pain is not pleasant, and some more serious treatment may need to be involved, for example:

And surgery as neck’s pain relief is a last resort.

Surgery on any portion of your spine is not without substantial risks, such as:

As with many physical aspects of your being, prevention is by far the best medicine. So to assist in preventing that cervical spondylosis pain, regular neck strength, flexibility and range of motion exercises beats traction.