Central Nervous System CNS Disease, Types of Central Nervous System Diseases

Your central nervous system, CNS for short, consists of the brain and spinal cord. Your spinal cord is like an information highway between the brain and skeletal, cardiac and smooth muscles, as well as glands. Your brain receives, interprets and then responds to the signals that are continuously zooming in via the spinal cord.

When your central nervous system is impacted by some type of health condition or damage, neurological and psychological symptoms typically give notice there’s a problem. The variety of causes of CNS diseases and conditions are:

Most types of diseases that cause CNS problems originates from one or more of these causes.

Types of central nervous system diseases and other health conditions that can have an affect on your central nervous system include:

Some of these CNS diseases may only impact your central nervous system, while others will simultaneously affect other parts of your body too.

Different types of central nervous system diseases express different symptoms. However, here’s several general symptoms indicating your central nervous system might be under some type of health stress:

Seek health care attention should you ever experience any of these potential CNS symptoms.