Cellulitis Bacteria Infection Cause of Red, Painful, Swollen, Glossy, Deep Skin Rash for Treatment

Cellulitis is a bacterial infection in the deepest layer of your skin. This bacteria typically enters through a break in the skin, like a cut, scratch, or bite.

Normally when your skin gets infected, only the top layer is affected. And with proper care it goes away on its own.

However with cellulitis, the deep skin tissue is the area infected, causing a red, hot, irritated and painful rash. It is most common found on your face and lower legs.

You may have cellulitis if:

  • affected skin area is warm
  • skin appears tight & glossy
  • experience pain or tenderness
  • skin redness or swelling area that grows
  • skin rash happens suddenly and grows quickly
  • other signs of infection ~ feverchillsmuscle aches

Cellulitis is only contagious through spreading open sore to open sore, a highly unlikely occurrence.

Cellulitis can be serious, so prompt treatment is important. If it is left untreated, the bacterial infection may rapidly turn into a life-threatening condition.

Treatment goals of cellulitis are to control the infection and prevent related problems, usually includes antibiotics. And be extremely discerning about your tattoo designer!