Causes of Vesicle, Papule and Macule Skin Problem Lesions

Your skin stands between you and the outside world. And having a periodic skin problem is universal. Nobody gets left out of this skin health ordeal.

A skin lesion is a skin growth or patch that differs from the skin around it. Vesicle, papule and macule are just three of the several types of skin lesions.

A vesicle is a small skin blister, filled with a clear fluid. Vesicles can also occur on mucosa, like in the lining of your mouth.

Some causes of a vesicle skin problem include:

A papule is a solid, raised spot on your skin, without visible fluid. A few of this skin problem causes include:

Macule is a small area of skin color change, that is neither raised nor depressed. They’re little flat spots or blemishes in your skin. Macules come in a variety of shapes, that are typically brown, white or red. Freckles and flat moles are a macule.

Vitiligo and pityriasis alba can cause macule skin color problem. Oral melanotic macule is a dark spot inside your mouth or on your lips.

rash caused by measles can appear as macules and papules. Mosquitoflealice and bedbug bites may cause papules or vesicles. And pruritus almost always accompanies these bites.