Many Causes of Side Pain, Flank Pain; Pain in Side Treatment

Flank pain means you’re experiencing some pain in your side, that’s somewhere between your ribs and pelvis. In other words, lateral abdominal pain and lateral back pain. Typically, side pain is only felt on one side, but some health conditions can cause you bilateral discomfort.

Flank pain is often caused by a urinary tract issue, usually some health condition involving a kidney. Several kidney health conditions that may be causing your pain in the flank are:

If a kidney problem is causing your side pain, then it might be accompanied by:

But your kidneys are not the only cause for a pain in the side because one of these many other health conditions are sometimes instigators of flank side pain:

For some of these, your side pain may be caused by referred or radiating pain from an adjacent site.

Pain in your side treatment is dependent on its cause. However, here are a couple at home strategies you can try based on relatively minor causes:

  • hepatitis, pancreatitis ~ avoid alcohol
  • muscle spasm ~ stretching exercises
  • arthritis ~ OTC anti inflammatory drugs & heating pad
  • kidney stones ~ drink plenty of fluid, take OTC pain medication

If you suspect your flank pain is caused by a bacterial infection within your urinary tract system, then antibiotics may be necessary to treat it.

If your flank pain is severe, fails to subside or comes and goes, then seek professional health care attention right away for side pain relief treatment.