Causes of Racing Heart Palpitations, Heart Palpitations, Heart Pounding, Rapid Heartbeat, Racing Heart Rate

Does it feel like you have a racing heart? Palpitations are sensations that feel like your heart is pounding or racing. You may have an unpleasant awareness of a high heart rate or a rapid heartbeat. This unsettling heart beat sensation may be felt in your chest, throat or neck.

During an episode of heart palpitations, you may experience an uneasiness in your chest, a flip-flopping sensation, a general sense of apprehension or it feels like your heart stops.

In the absence of other symptoms, heart palpitations are usually not serious. Typically, the more serious conditions that involve a racing, pounding heart rate have other symptoms as well.

Many causes for a racing heart beat, high pulse rate, rapid heartbeat or heart palpitations are:

Isolated, short term incidences of heart racing and pounding causes no damage nor harm to your heart.

Most often a racing heart is caused by stress or caffeine. Unless there is some other reason for causing your palpitations, initial treatment for pounding, rapid heart rate is by not consuming caffeine and managing stress.

Lifestyle changes that create a healthy heart in your midst of palpitations include:

  • exercise routinely
  • control blood pressure
  • maintain normal cholesterol levels
  • consume well balanced, low fat diet
  • manage stress ~ try yogameditation

Get yourself moving for your beneficial palpitations with exercise’s heart healthy pounding.