Causes of Pale Skin, Pallor, Paleness, Grey Skin

Pallor, aka pale skin, paleness, grey skin, is the loss of color in comparison to your normal skin color. Pale skin is not a concern if your skin paleness is caused by a fair complexion or lack of sun exposure.

However, paleness may be a health concern if your usual skin pigment goes grey. And especially if your pallor is accompanied by pale lips, tongue, inner mouth and nails.

Generally, pallor is caused by a decrease in blood supply to your skin or a decrease in your red blood cells count. Some causes for greyness or paleness include:

Pale or grey skin is an indication of impending syncope or need to vomit.

Raynaud’s causes an attack of pallor to your extremities. And vitiligo¬†causes specific areas of your skin to pale due to the loss of pigment.