Causes of Myalgia, Muscle Pain, Muscle Ache, Painful Muscles, Pain in Muscle Symptoms

Myalgia is med speak for muscle ache and pain, and it’s distinguishable from myositis and myopathy.

Myalgia’s pain in your muscle is often caused by muscle tension, stress, overuse or sprain and strain injuries. If this is your case, then your muscle soreness should only involve specific muscles.

Overall chronic muscle pain is a symptom of conditions or disorders striking your entire body. Examples of these causes include:

Some autoimmune diseasesmotor neuron diseases, neurological disorders, neuromuscular conditionsmetabolic diseases of the muscle and metabolic myopathies are hefty instigators for painful muscles.

Bacterialviralparasitic and fungal infections are notorious culprits for causing acute myalgia. Here’s a sampling of some infectious diseases that may create aches and pains in your muscles:

Certain drugs and treatments can be a dispensing cause to painful muscles, including:

For myalgia in a muscle caused by overuse or injury:

In that order. Nonprescription naproxenibuprofen and acetaminophen can also be used to relieve mild muscle pain.

Aching, painful muscles rarely stand alone, as they are often accompanied by other health related symptoms. And inexplicable chronic muscle aches and pains will likely require a visit to your health care professional to get to the meat of your myalgia.