Causes of Leukocytosis High White Blood Cell Count

Leukocytosis is a health condition marked by a high white blood cell count, in other words too many leukocytes in your blood. Normal range of white blood cells is 4,300-10,800 per microliter. Leukocytosis is caused by a white blood cell count that’s above 15,000.

White blood cells are involved in your immune system, which manages the fight against infection, cancer and disease. These cells are produced in your bone marrow and consist of different types.

The type released is based on what your body has determined needs attacking. And the cause is not always imminently harmful, i.e. autoimmune response, drugs, stress, consuming a large meal.

The most common cause of leukocytosis is infectious diseases caused by a bacteria, virus or parasite. So, you may have a high white blood cell count if you are suffering from:

Some other health related causes of a high enough white blood cell count to result in leukocytosis are:

Your leukocytosis could be caused by an allergy to drugs. Some of the white blood cell count growers in this category are:

Oftentimes, leukocytosis doesn’t cause any of its own symptoms. The symptoms you do have will likely be caused by the health condition that led to your high blood cell count. These symptoms typically involve:

Treatment of your underlying health condition usually returns your white blood cell count back to normal.

Hyperleukocytosis is a serious health situation caused by a white blood cell count that’s extremely high. This health condition requires treatment right away because it could lead to a heart attack or stroke.