Causes of Kidney Problems, Kidney Damage, Kidney Issues, Reduced Kidney Function Symptoms

It’s theorized that many who have kidney problems or reduced kidney function don’t know it. One reason is kidney damage starts well in advance of you’ll ever noticing symptoms. And unfortunately, once the damage to your kidneys is done it might be irreversible.

Your kidneys clean your blood via glomeruli, which are tiny filters. Any waste and extra fluid is urinated out, while the cleaned blood is circulated back into your bloodstream. And reduction in this function can cause an increased risk of heart disease and stroke.

Filtration is not the only task your kidneys perform. Kidneys help regulate blood pressure, red blood cell production by producing erythropoietin and maintain acid to base balance. Therefore, a filtering issue with your kidneys can cause:

And if your kidneys filtration isn’t working properly, you can lose protein as well. This is what’s called proteinuria and not a good thing for staying healthy.

The two most common causes of kidney problems or damage are diabetes and hypertension. High blood glucose and high blood pressure can damage your kidneys’ filters, which causes waste and fluid buildup issues, coupled with protein leaking into your urine.

Some other health conditions and health related situations that can reduce your kidney function are:

Often, kidney damage occurs so slow that you won’t feel sick nor experience any reduced kidney function symptoms. As your kidney damage worsens, you may note some of these symptoms:

As the problem continues, waste builds up causing your kidneys to fail. In fact, you may not feel any signs of kidney issues until near failure. This is why getting your urine and blood routinely checked for kidney function is vital.

Once your kidneys fail, the primary form of treatment is dialysis. And if you catch kidney issues early, ACE inhibitors or corticosteroids may help keep your kidney problems from deteriorating.

Finally, herbs or supplements that are broken down by the kidneys need to be used cautiously because they can cause kidney damage.