Causes of Inflammation, Chronic Inflammation, Joint Inflammation, Reduce Inflammation Diet

Simply put, inflammation means tissue swelling. Which can cause visual redness and painful irritation.

Inflammation is a very complex chemical defense chemical response to harmful tissue injury. Isolate and then remove that which causes harm is its fundamental process for maintaining your health.

Isolation is accomplished by dumping the “bad” stuff into surrounding tissue until such time your removal forces, or phagocytes, come in and snatch it up. Isolating destructive substances helps prevent it from influencing healthy tissue.

This dumping and coordinated removal activity inherently causes inflammation. An inflammatory reaction counters a myriad of injurious stimuli, some of which include:

Inflammation in response to some of these stimuli is known to cause you flu type symptoms, like:

Sometimes, your inflammation is not useful for healthy healing. Instead, it can do more harm than good, be a component of a disease or misfire against your body’s own tissue, as is the case with an autoimmune conditions.

Examples of illnesses involving unhealthful inflammation are:

Chronic or intermittent inflammation typically causes pain complaints from those suffering with these disorders.

Chronic internal inflammation, that is neither felt nor seen, can cause organ damage. This unrealized inflammation is believed to play some role in causing:

Inflammatory substances within a joint causes irritation, cartilage wearing and joint lining swelling. In some cases, joint inflammation, aka arthritis, is caused by an inflammatory disease or another health condition, like:

Joint inflammation causes some of these “reduced movement” symptoms:

  • redness
  • joint pain
  • joint warmth
  • joint stiffness
  • loss of joint function

Pain relievers and anti-inflammatory drugs are very often the treatment recommends for reducing chronic and joint inflammation. These involve NSAIDs and corticosteroids, such as:

Change in diet is building momentum as a plausible way to reduce inflammation. To reduce inflammation consume a diet rich in fruits and vegetables. And substantially reduce your dietary consumption of:

  • fats
  • sugars
  • red meats
  • dairy products
  • refined carbohydrates
  • additives & preservatives

Recent studies reveal that overall diet improvement, exercise and weight control would prevent more than a third of several common cancers. Unnoticed chronic inflammation in those carrying around too much excess weight was discovered to be partially responsible.

Get moving, get losing and get eating plant sourced foods for the benefit of reducing your inflammation.