Causes of Headaches, Headache Cause, Headache Triggers, Headache Relief Treatment Remedy

Headache, you’ve got one and want it gone, like immediately. Your dull, pressure pain in the head has a cause, and discovering this cause may put an end to your cycle of purchasing OTC headache relief medicine.

Many causes of headaches can be remedied by making some very simple changes. What those changes are differ from head to head. Your headache triggers are uniquely your own. Discover them, and simply stop doing it if that is your case.

The most common form of headaches are what is known as the tension headache. They are a result of tense neck and scalp muscles. These muscles typically contract in response to:

Learn ways to relax, or continue taking OTC headache pain relievers.

What you eat can be a cause for your headache. Known food triggers include:

  • tea
  • nuts
  • soda
  • MSG
  • pizza
  • bacon
  • yogurt
  • alcohol
  • caffeine
  • bologna
  • red wine
  • cheeses
  • hot dogs
  • chocolate
  • ice cream
  • aspartame
  • lima beans
  • lunch meat
  • lavender tea
  • peppermint oil
  • fatty, fried food

Foods containing chemical substances, such as tyramine, may be a cause for your headaches by constricting arteries. One easy remedy is stepping away from that processed food section.

Or you may be allergic to a substance in the food itself. Don’t eat that which gives you a headache. This may not be obvious because you can have a delayed reaction. Look for patterns in this relief.

Dehydration also is a cause for headaches, which is easily discovered by a glance in your toilet bowl. Additionally, missing a meal can send you down the road to a headache. Treatment is eat.

Your headache may be a consequence of what you do. Some ideas for activity related headaches are:

  • exercise
  • eye strain
  • loud music
  • overexertion
  • lack of sleep
  • work too much
  • motion sickness
  • looking at the sun
  • watching TV too long
  • in the hot sun too long
  • sleeping in a cold room
  • worry about something ~ exams
  • excitement about a special event
  • sudden change in sleep pattern ~ jet lag
  • sleeping with your head in an abnormal position
  • head held in one position for a long period ~ computer work

Watch what you are doing with your head, as well as your physical self to get your headache remedied. All about positioning.

Speaking of positioning, your headache may be caused by sensory input. Things like:

  • bright lights
  • flickering lights
  • weather changes
  • strong odors ~ perfume, smoke, fumes, new car, new carpet

Sometimes a headache is a symptom of another illness, condition or disorder. Examples of these involve:

Oral decongestants (pseudoephedrine) or a nasal spray (neosynephrine, oxymetazoline) will often give relief to headaches caused by blocked sinuses.

Unfortunately, certain medications can be a trigger for headaches. Ask your doctor for all the possible side effects before taking them.

Many of your headaches may be avoided by adjusting toward a healthier lifestyle. What you eat, what you do, what you expose your senses to and overall health condition of your body has a head-on impact.