Causes of Finger Pain, Finger Joint Pain, Numb, Tingling Fingers, Dislocated Finger

Your fingers have amazing functional capabilities. And any interference with a finger’s use can make simple tasks difficult.

There are several conditions that can cause your fingers to become less productive. These conditions can affect finger:

Pain, numbness and tingling are common finger related complaints. A few conditions that cause finger pain or finger joint pain include:

Cyanosis causes fingers to change color when exposed to cold or stress. Minor finger joint pain caused by inflammation is often relieved by OTC anti-inflammatories.

Numb or tingling fingers usually indicate a nerve or blood flow problem. Couple of causes for your fingers to tingle or feel number are:

Chronic numb and tingling fingers should be checked out by a health care type.

A finger dislocation occurs when your finger bones are out of alignment. A dislocated finger is usually very painful and typically caused by:

  • over extension
  • jamming the end
  • forcefully twisting
  • bending back beyond normal limits

A dislocated finger is crooked, painful and swollen. Ofttimes, stretching and damaging the involved joint’s ligaments as well.

A dislocated finger causes the joint to be loose, weak or unstable. Therefore, wearing a finger splint or taping your injured finger to another allows for healthy healing.

A seriously dislocated finger should be tended to by a physician for dislodging and restoring it to its correct position.