Causes of Finger Clubbing, Nail Clubbing, Clubbed Fingers

Clubbing refers to the health conditions wherein your nail ends curve down. It is caused by skin thickening at the end of your fingers. So, finger clubbing causes your nail to grow over the ends of your fingers rather than out.

The specific cause for clubbed fingers remains a mystery. However, health conditions causing chronic low blood oxygen levels may have a causal relationship in some finger clubbing cases. Yet, not all cases of clubbing involve an oxygen deficit.

Nail clubbing is often associated with certain heart diseases, chronic lung conditions and digestive problems. Some health conditions that may cause finger clubbing are:

Nail clubbing seems to occur with some lung disorders, but not others. For instance, the lung health conditions not on the list as clubbed finger causes are pneumonia, asthma or COPD.

Finger clubbing can also be caused by a harmless congenital abnormality. And nail clubbing can cause your toes to appear clubbed as well.