Causes of Face Swelling, Facial Swelling, Moon Face, Puffy Face, Facial Edema

Is facial swelling causing you to have a puffy face appearance? Facial edema can surely make a sculptured face look moon round. Face swelling is caused by fluid building up in the face. Facial swelling can happen over time or overnight.

Some diseases, conditions or circumstances that can sometimes cause your face to swell into a puffy looking moon include:

Swelling can go beyond the face, and may affect your neck and upper arms.

An allergic reaction to allergens should also be considered as a cause for your face swelling, for example:

Angioedema is the technical term used to describe a rapid severe welt swelling edema in response to an allergen, often seen around your eyes, mouth and face.

Drug reaction is another notorious causer for facial swelling, the likes of:

Most drug allergies respond quickly to treatment. On rare occasions, this facial edema and other adverse symptom reaction can cause severe asthmaanaphylaxis or even death. Although sulfa drugs are a common prescription to treat bacterial infections (antibiotics), parasite infections and some autoimmune disorders, facial edema caused by a reaction is not common.

If you are experiencing a puffy face, then get in touch with your health care professional. And a cold compress and head elevation can help reduce facial swelling from an injury.