Causes for Weakened, Compromised, Impaired Immune System and Weak, Low Immune Response

Some germs, aka microorganisms, living in your body are helpful (probiotic), others are not. Against those that are not, a healthy immune system goes to work in defense.

When destructive germs, or other invaders, attempt an infectious entry, specialized immune system response cells, tissues and organs step in.

For many, their immune response system keeps them healthy and prevents infection. But for some, a weakened, compromised or impaired immune system causes a weak or low immune response. Which too often leads to chronic disease or infection.

Your immune system is extremely complex. If any one of its complexity components are deficient, your body’s responsiveness to health demoting rubbish suffers.

Every body’s immune system differs. And at any given time your immune system can be weakened by life’s trappings causing:

Sometimes your immune system may be low in resistance or responds weakly because its been compromised by one of these categorical causes, coupled with examples:

Although many of these disorders impairing your immune system cannot be forestalled, you can help your weak immune system stay stronger. Some impaired immune system enrichment involve:

Remember, a compromised, weak immune system may not recognize and fight off health distressing bacteriavirusesfungiparasites or other toxins as well as a healthy one can.

So don’t be the cause of your own compromised system. Put your fitness at the top of your priority heap.