Causes for Vulvitis, Vulva Inflammation, Vulvar Pain and Itching Symptoms for Scooch Treatment

“Scooching” perhaps best describes an “in a crowd” sitting behavior many women may resort to when suffering with vulvitis. Likely, there’s not an older gal alive who hasn’t had the botheration. Vulvitis simply means vulva inflammation.

Vulvitis is a symptom exclusively encountered by women because a vulva is the external part of the female “privates”. It encompasses the labia, clitoris, urethra orifice and vagina opening.

Vulvitis often gives notice via vulvar pain and itching. Other symptoms signifying an inflaming vulva may include:

The primary stage for getting your vulvar area “scooch prone” irritation under control is to identify its cause.

Commonly, vulvar pain and itching is caused by a lifestyle related activity. A few action examples:

  • oral sex
  • bicycle riding
  • horseback riding
  • wearing tight jeans
  • wearing wet clothing for long periods ~ swim suit

If you suspect your vulvitis is instigated by these, or other crotch aggravating activities, “scooch” treatment is to simply stop doing them.

An allergic reaction to personal care and sexual products are prime incendiary causes that can send you “scooching” about. A few of those wares that your personal parts may wish to have a “no contact” policy with:

  • soaps
  • powders
  • shampoos
  • pantyhose
  • fragrances
  • deodorants
  • spermicides
  • bubble baths
  • feminine pads
  • vaginal sprays
  • vaginal douches
  • sexual lubricants
  • laundry detergents
  • topical medications
  • scented, colored toilet paper
  • “cottonless crotched” underwear
  • hot tub, swimming pool chemicals

A savvy course for treatment relief is by leaving your feminine place free of all concoctions until your itchy pain subsides. Then reintroduce each brew back into the fold to discover if it causes a reaction. May take several weeks to heal a severe episode with vulvitis.

A disease or condition can also be the cause for vulvitis pain and itching, for instance:

Since sexually transmitted diseases cause vulvitis, and may lead to infertility, or other problems, you need to pay a visit to your health care professional if that is your case. And refrain from sexual contact until your issue is arrested.

Vulvitis universally affects women and girls of all ages. OTC cortisone cream or ointment can offer critical “scooch” relief treatment to your vulva painful itch symptoms. At least until you narrow down your causer.

These vulva inflammation prevention tips can help you elude any “scooch” discomfort:

  • cleanse with mild soap
  • cotton crotch pantyhose only
  • silk or nylon increases sweating
  • rinse your vulvar area thoroughly
  • completely dry this personal area
  • wear cotton underwear exclusively
  • donate your tight fitting pants or shorts
  • remove wet clothing as soon as practicable
  • don’t use feminine hygiene sprays, fragrances, powders

A moist vulvar area provides a ripe environment for infectious organisms. Dry conditions promote a locality of health.