Causes for Unintentional, Unexplained, Rapid, Sudden, Excessive, Severe, Chronic Weight Loss

Have you noticed your clothes are fitting a bit loser than they were last week, and a glance in your mirror reflects a body not in desperate need of a size or two reduction? Or perhaps you noticed your child’s clothes are becoming even more baggy than the current style dictates.

Numerous medical conditions can cause an “out of the blue” weight loss that is unintentional, unexplained, rapid, sudden, excessive, severe, and in some cases chronic. Some of the causes for unhealthy, unintentional weightloss include:

Some drugs can also cause unexplained loss of weight, including:

Should you experience other symptoms in concert with a rapid, sudden or excessive weight loss, contact your health care provider in an effort to get to the root of your body’s failure to thrive on your pre-existing diet.

For some, chronic skinniness is in the genes. If this is your genetic situation and you feel healthy otherwise, the dietary advice is consumption of a well balanced diet topped with additional calories by way of healthy fats, nuts are good, and nutritionally packed carbs.