Causes for Red Face Blush, Facial Blushing, Skin Flushing, Flush Redness

Blushing or flushing is when your skin suddenly turns red, with a feeling of warmth. Your skin redness is caused by increased blood flow. Flush redness is an involuntary nervous system response that causes capillary dilation.

Blushing typically causes face and neck skin redness. However, flushed skin can occur all over.

A red faced blush episode is usually temporary. And it’s routinely caused by strong emotions, i.e. embarrassment, anger or excitement.

Facial blushing is often just a healthy body response to your mental state. Yet, skin flushing can be associated with certain health or environmental conditions, like:

Flushing also triggers rosacea flare ups.

Those of Asian descent may experience flush redness after drinking alcohol, even just a bit. This blushing reaction is caused an incomplete breakdown of alcohol. A genetic disorder is your red face causer.

Your flushing may also be caused by a medication or other substances that open up your capillaries. Some red faced instigators are:

Avoid all nonessential stuff that might cause a red face. If your facial blushing continues, then get with your health care professional about this skin flushing for a health assessment of what may be causing your redness.