Causes for Red Eyes, Dry Eyes, Bloodshot Eyes, Itchy Eyes, Watery Eyes for Red, Dry Eye Relief Treatment

Undeniably, the most widespread cause for red, bloodshot, itchy, watery eyes is allergies. And probably the cause for dry eyes is the medication you’ve taken for this allergy.

However, there are some other causes for red, bloodshot, dry, itchy, watery eyes. And relief is available beyond antihistamines.

Red or bloodshot eyes will appear red or bloodshot when their surface vessels become enlarged and irritated. Causes for red eyes include:

A cause for alarm may be patch of bright red in the whites of your eye. Relax, this is a rather common event known as subconjunctival hemorrhage. It often causes no pain or discharge, and takes about a week to clear up.

Typical causes for your subconjunctival hemorrhageare:

This occurrence may be your wake up call to take action in regards to blood pressure, if that is your case. Pay a visit to your doctor if you also experience:

Some relief remedies for non-medical treatment situations:

  • no rubbing, touching
  • warm/cold compresses
  • homeopathic eye drops
  • warm water swab along eyelid
  • avoid wearing make-up, contacts

And don’t “share” stuff that touches the eyes, like pillowcases, sheets, towels or eyeliner!

Dry eyes are caused by a lack of tears, which causes you to feel a burning, scratching, stinging sensation. Common causes of dry eyes include:

Chronic dry eyes can lead to tiny corneal abrasions. In an effort to relieve your dryness try:

  • closing your eyes
  • use a humidifier ~ winter especially
  • avoid smoke, wind, air conditioning
  • artificial tears ~ ointments last longer/cause blurry vision

Give your dry eyes a break by closing them for a minute or two periodically throughout your day.

Often a cause for itchy, watery eyes is your body’s natural histamine release response system. Your body might throw out histamines or unleash tears in response to :

Reaching for a OTC antihistamine is an oft method for itchy watery eye relief. A healthy diet approach for possible counter action of histamine over production is increase your intake of citrus fruit (vitamin C) and omega-3 fatty acids. No science in support, nonetheless it will benefit your overall health.