Causes for Rapid, Excessive, Unexplained, Unintentional Weight Gain, Overweight Symptoms

Your rapid, excessive, unexplained weight gain can be a symptom of a disease or disorder. Or your unintentional condition for being overweight can be an evidential symptom for something else.

The “something else” is ofttimes habitually eating too much or not exercising enough. Other lifestyle choices that can create the visible symptom of gaining weight are:

Some weight gain is expected with pregnancy and menstruation can cause a fluctuating gain of weight.

A rapid, excessive or unintentional weight gain can be an appearance symptom for disease or condition, like:

Certain drugs may be your cause for unexplained gaining weight and growing into an overweight status, such as:

Birth control pill hormones can have an added weight effect for some women by retaining fluid in their tissue, increasing the size of their adipose tissue or adding muscle.

Emotions may play a role toward your increased weight or condition of overweight, like:

Perhaps the most overused excuse for weight gain is the metabolism blame. In actuality, very few young folks suffer from a slow metabolism. However, expect a progressively slower metabolism as you age. Dietary and exercise adjustments help to counteract this natural energy use reduction.

Pay your health care professional a visit if your rapid, excessive, unintentional weight gain is accompanied by:

Inexplicable, rapid and excessive fluid retention can be a major weight gain causer. And this health concern should be medically evaluated ASAP.