Causes for Puffy, Dark Circles, Bags, Swelling or Puffiness Under Eyes Natural Treatment Remedies

Climbed out of the bunk, wiped away the sleep and took a look at yourself in the mirror ~ and whoa! Reflected back are puffy eyes, dark circles, bags or swelling under, over and around what was just yesterday some gorgeous looking eyes.

Eye puffiness, such as mild swelling, dark bags or saggy under eye skin, has a myriad of causes, like:

Natural treatment remedies to reduce, remedy, cure or prevent your mild case of puffy eyes and dark circles:

Other natural treatment methods to soothe and reduce swelling and puffiness is to lay over your closed eyes:

  • eye pads
  • gel eye mask
  • cool compress
  • damp tea bags
  • chilled cucumber slices

Blepharoplasty is along the lines of a permanent remedy for saggy, baggy eyes. This surgery corrects bags under your eyes and upper eyelid drooping. But it does not remove wrinkles, lift sagging eyebrows nor eliminate dark circles around your eyes.

And your eyes are not the place for hemorrhoid cream nor ointments. Although some have reported effectiveness, the drug’s ingredients can also be a cause for irritation, inflammation or dryness. Better off using creams that are specifically designed for around the eyes delicate skin.

For severe and persistent puffiness, you’ll want to pay a visit to your doctor in an effort to determine if your puffy eyes are caused by kidneythyroid or medication side effect issues.

Your eyes are a window into the state of your health, as well as your finger and toe nails.