Causes for Polydipsia Excessive Thirst, Always Thirsty, Extreme Thirst, Increased Thirst Symptoms

Does it seem like you’re always thirsty? Thirst is having an urge to drink. And drinking water is recommended to maintain health. However, being thirsty can go to far and is what’s referred to as polydipsia.

Polydipsia is used to describe excessive thirst. Thirst that goes beyond healthy maintenance can be a symptom for an underlying disease, psychological issue or an environmental condition.

Short and long term causes for excessive thirst, always thirsty and extreme thirst include:

Some drugs and supplements can directly or indirectly cause increased thirst, for instance:

A very strong, constant urge to drink may be a sign of a psychological problem known as psychogenic polydipsia. This mental disorder causes a you to drink too much when you may not actually be thirsty.

Pay your health care professional a visit if:

  • urinating more than 5 quarts/day
  • excessive thirst is persistent & unexplained
  • increased thirst is accompanied by other symptoms ~ blurry visionfatigue

Actual thirst is your signal to replace water loss. Yet, being always thirsty is not normal.