Causes for Hyperventilating, Hyperventilation Syndrome, Hyperventilate Overbreathing Treatment

Hyperventilation is breathing in more than your body needs. Hyperventilation syndrome is hyperventilating under certain circumstances.

Hyperventilation often occurs with anxiety or panic, often causing an air hunger feeling. Frequently, panic and hyperventilating become a vicious cycle because panic leads to overbeathing and breathing too much causes a panicked feeling.

Feeling very anxious, nervous or during a panic attack are the usual causes for hyperventilating. However, you may hyperventilate as a symptom of a health condition, such as:

Witnessing a traumatic event may cause you to hyperventilate as well.

Hyperventilating can be caused by something very serious going on with your health. Thus, treat an inexplicable episode of hyperventilation as an emergency.

If you frequently over breathe, you may have hyperventilation syndrome. Although hyperventilation syndrome may seem like a panic attack, they are different.

A panic disorder is coupled with emotional complaints of fear or phobias, i.e. heights, dying or claustrophobia. Hyperventilation syndrome happens in the absence of these emotions.

If you have hyperventilation syndrome you may not notice you’re overbreathing, but you’ll be aware of other symptoms, like:

When you hyperventilate, it causes your blood carbon dioxide and calciumlevels to drop. These lowered levels are what’s causing your nervous system and emotional issues.

So when you start to hyperventilate, the treatment is to raise your blood’s carbon dioxide level. Here are a couple of treatment methods:

  • breathe through pursed lips
  • get reassurance from others to help relax your breathing
  • breathe into and out of a bag ~ this causes you to re-breathe carbon dioxide
  • cover your mouth & one nostril so that you are only breathing through one nostril

For some, aerobic exercise can be a healthy hyperventilate over-breathing treatment for hyperventilation syndrome. Have a run at the next onslaught to discover if it benefits your breathing health.