Causes for High, Low Estrogen Hormone Levels

Estrogen is most abundant in women during their reproductive stagemenses through menopause. It’s a hormone made up of estrone, estradiol and estriol compounds.

The female ovary is the primary location for estrogen manufacturing and production. However, it is produced elsewhere as evidenced by estrogen roaming around in a man’s body too.

In women, breasts and uterus are the two main targets of estrogen’s action. Although, it does act on the brain, bones, liver and heart.

Causes for high estrogen hormone levels:

Causes for low estrogen hormone levels:

Falling, or fallen, estrogen levels can cause:

The transition period into menopause and menopause itself are the most common causes for estrogen levels to plummet.

Estrogen hormone replacement is used by some to treat the consequences of estrogen hormone’s diminution.

An estrogen level increase is likely involved in causing endometriosis and endometrial cancer. And the growth of uterine fibroids may rely on an excess level of estrogen hormone as well.

Estrogen hormone levels can be affected by:

Although most estrogen hormone level discussions predominantly center around women’s health, men’s health is affected by estrogen highs and lows as well.