Causes for Hematemesis, Vomiting Blood, Throw Up Blood, Vomit Blood, Blood in Vomit, Throwing Up Blood

Hematemesis is a fancy way of saying you are vomiting blood. Having blood in your vomit is not normal. Therefore, throwing up blood needs to be medically addressed right away.

There are several causes for why you may vomit blood. Small blood vessel tears in your throat or esophagus due to forceful, continuous vomiting commonly results in blood in vomit. Vomiting due to severe stomach flu or too much alcohol are prominent producers of this variety of hematemesis.

Other likely, or not so likely, causes for you to throw up blood, include:

Conditions causing bloody vomit can also cause bloody stoolsheartburn and abdominal pain.

Throwing up bright red blood tells you that the bleeding began just before you vomited. If your vomited blood is maroon, dark brown or texturally black, then that thrown up blood has been in your stomach for a while.

Sometimes, throwing up blood can be difficult to differentiate whether your vomited blood might actually be from hemoptysis or a nosebleed.

Get in touch with your health care professional immediately if you notice blood in your vomit or begin vomiting blood. The cause for your throw up blood hematemesis can be a serious health issue.