Causes for Painful Tongue Glossitis, Sore Red Swollen Tongue of Glossitis Treatment

Are you having difficulty eating or talking because of a painful tongue? Glossitis has nothing to do with your lips and everything to do with your tongue. Simply means inflamed tongue, and a painful tongue usually means its sore, red and swollen.

The range of symptoms used to describe a tongue suffering the pain of glossitis are:

  • pain
  • sore
  • tender
  • swelling
  • smooth appearance
  • chew, swallow, talk difficulties
  • color ~ dark red, bright red, pale

There are quite a few possible causes for your sore, red, swollen tongue. Your glossitis pain may be caused by a disease, disorder or condition, like:

Your painful tongue may be swollen due to a drug, such as:

Various types of anemia can cause your tongue to swell:

Lifestyle, diet, allergies, infections, environmental factors. etc. might be your cause for a red flared tongue:

Glossitis is inheritable, albeit rarely. So ask your relatives if they experience any tongue discomfort.

The primary treatment goal for your red, swollen tongue is to reduce inflammation. Start by avoiding the avoidable, keep irritants away from your painful tongue.

If you suspect your glossitis is caused by an allergy, antihistamine treatment can help relieve your sore, swollen tongue. Malnutrition (anemia, deficiencies) is a major glossitis instigator, so get your diet into healthy balance. Good oral hygiene is another important sore tongue blocker.

Pay a visit to your health care provider if you are experiencing:

  • blocked airway
  • agonizing discomfort
  • glossitis symptoms for over week
  • suspect bacteria infection or cancer
  • speaking, chewing, swallowing hindrances

It is important to have persistent tongue pain evaluated for cancer. Surgical removal of a small tumor is preferred over the possible alternatives. Notice that your neck’s lymph nodes are very close for a spreading possibility.

Some tongue treatments you may be prescribed to reduce glossitis pain and inflammation are:

Give your tongue some swell downtime through brushing teeth regularly and eating healthfully.