Causes for Frequent Urination, Constant Urination, Urgent Urination, Nocturia

Are you running off to the bathroom because of a more frequent, constant and/or urgent need to urinate? Is this frequent urination urge compelling you out of bed at night?

Frequent and urgent are not the same. Frequent urination is having to go more often than your usual. Urgent is an “all of a sudden” urge. And jumping out of bed at night to go is nocturia.

Constant urination, is a bladder control issue, which the medical folks nicely refer to this as urinary incontinence rather than peeing in your pants. These distinctions are important when discussing the issue with your doctor.

urinary tract infection is high on the list for causing your frequent and urgent need to urinate, or pee. The other strong suspects causing these symptoms are:

Prostate issues include prostatitisenlarged prostate or prostate cancer.

Other conditions or medications may be what’s causing you to constantly discover where the closest restroom is located. Conditions that may cause frequent and/or urgent urination include:

The two most common causes for nocturia are drinking too much before snooze time and an enlarged prostate.

You should definitely pay your doctor a visit if your frequent, constant or urgent urination is accompanied by:

Kegel exercises help some with their embarrassing constant urination. Here is a kegel exercise gadget that can help you perform this unusual exercise.