Causes for Earache, Ear Pain, Ear Ache, Itchy Ears, Clogged Ear Symptoms and Earache Relief Remedies

Does your ear ache? Or do you have pain, itchiness or a clogged feeling in the general vicinity of your ear?

An adult earache is rarely caused by an ear infection. Instead, the pain is originating from somewhere else and perceived as ear discomfort. For example, the temporomandibular joint, your teeth, throat or lymph nodes can all give cause for an aching ear sensation.

However, because a child’s ears differs, fluid builds up more readily. Thus, making them more prone to ear infections.

Ofttimes, some of these symptoms will accompany an ear ache or pain in the ear:

There are many causes for an ear to ache, feel painful, be itchy or clogged. Your gnawing ear symptoms can be caused by:

A ruptured or perforated eardrum often causes clear, pussy or bloody ear drainage.

Experiencing an earache, ear pain, itchy ear or a clogged ear vibe can be an extreme annoyance. So, here’s a couple of simple relief remedies to ease your ear pain:

  • chewing gum
  • OTC ear drops
  • warm olive oil drops
  • heat ~ heating pad, blow dryer
  • cold pack applied to the outer ear
  • propping head up while lying down
  • sucking, chewing gum ~ airplane descents
  • OTC nasal sprays ~ containing phenylephrine
  • OTC pain relievers ~ acetaminophen, ibuprofen
  • repetitive swallowing ~ drinking helps clogging
  • Swim-Ear, ear dryer, drop of alcohol ~ water in your ear

Caveat: never give aspirin to a child as a relief remedy for an earache. Nor any other type of ache or pain.

If you suspect an eardrum rupture, do not put anything in your ear for relief. And get with your health care provider ASAP for a remedy.

Antibiotics may be prescribed if a bacteria infection is the cause for your earache, ear pain, itchy ear or clogged up ear sensation.