Causes for Chemosis Swollen Eyes, Eye Swelling Symptoms

Chemosis means the swelling of the clear membrane that coats your eye’s outer surface. ”Around your iris” swollen eyes are caused by fluid accumulation, aka edema.

In fact, your eyes can bulge so much from a chemosis swell that you can’t even close them.

Chemosis is not an eye disease, but a symptom of some type of eye irritation or health condition. Some health related causes for chemosis:

Get with your health care provider if your symptoms don’t diminish in a reasonable time. Or if you experience other symptoms, like:

OTC antihistamines or NSAIDs may work on reducing swollen eye symptoms. Also, a cool clothe laid over your eyes can help relieve your eye swelling symptoms. If your chemosis is caused by a bacterial infection, then an antibiotic may be necessary.

If pollen caused your eye swelling, then wash out your swollen eyes with artificial tears. And don’t rub your eyes, for it can cause some swell symptoms.