Causes for Always Feeling So Hot and Too Cold, Heat and Cold Intolerance Sensitivity Symptoms

Do you always feel colder or hotter than others in the room? Do your countless surveys routinely conclude that “it’s just you” experiencing discomfort with the temperature?

Causes for feeling so hot or cold can be short lived or chronic. Ongoing temperature sensitivity is not pleasant, especially when your circumstances don’t allow for an escape.

Cold and hot intolerance can be a symptom for an underlining condition. And if this is your case, treating your condition may offer immediate cold shivering or hot stuffy relief.

Cold intolerance is an abnormal sensitivity to a cold environment or temperature. This sensitivity can be a symptom of a chronic metabolic problem or something else. Likely suspects include:

If you are a very thin women, you don’t tolerate cold environments well because of your low fat and muscle percentage. Both assist in keeping us warm.

Heat intolerance is the inability to be comfortable when the air temperature rises. It gives you that overheated feeling, along with a cause for some excessive sweating.

A heat sensitivity can be caused by a metabolism issue too. As well as, hormonal changes or other reasons. Some causes for your always, or occasionally, feeling too hot symptoms are:

A couple of causes for feeling both so hot and too cold at various times:

Layering and a sweater is a healthy clothes dressing strategy for your dual challenge of hot and cold intolerance.