Cause of Kerion Ringworm Scalp Condition, Kerions Treatment

Has your tinea capitis worsened into a painfully oozing sore? This mass is known as a kerion, which is caused by a severe ringworm scalp condition. Kerion’s appearance is that of a raised, thick, inflamed, pus oozing, yellow crusted and hairless round spot on your scalp. Fever and swollen lymph nodes symptoms may be present as well. A kerion is an abscess that can be mistaken for a severe case of impetigo or cellulitis.

The cause of a kerion is a class of skin fungus known dermatophytes. Usually this scalp condition occurs in those infected by a fungus spread from an animal. A kerion is believed to result because of an excessive immune response or allergic reaction to the ringworm causing fungus. And although kerions scalp condition is commonly seen on children, everybody is at risk.

If left untreated, your kerion can lead to scarring and alopecia. Kerions treatment is taking a prescribed oral antifungal drug for a couple of months. Topical medication is not usually adequate because of the depth which the fungus can grow. If a bacteria skin infection is involved, then an oral antibiotic can treat that aspect of your scalp condition. Kerion inflammation can be extreme, so in this case oral steroids (cortisone) may be offered for some quick pain relief.