Causes for Burning Mouth, Burning Tongue Syndrome, Burning Sensation Symptoms

Experiencing a burning sensation in your mouth or on your tongue without “hot food” to blame? There is a condition that can cause your mouth to burn for no apparent reason.

Burning mouth syndrome, or burning tongue syndrome, is an annoyingly painful problem that may have you feeling a scalding sensation without a source for its cause.

This painful burning sensation may linger for a long time, be constant or come and go. In many cases, the burning builds during the day and dies down at night. The group most commonly afflicted are middle to older aged women.

Your burning mouth or tongue syndrome might come with other symptoms on top of a burning sensation, such as:

Possible causes of your burning mouth or tongue include:

For many, the exact cause of their burning sensation symptoms isn’t found.

Your mouth burning treatment may depend on the cause of symptoms, provided you can discover this. Thus, treating underlining cause usually resolves your burning symptoms.

Otherwise, unidentified cause for burning mouth or tongue syndrome treatment is geared toward associated pain relief. Some natural healthy ideas that may assist in this challenge:

  • sip water
  • suck on ice
  • no alcohol, tobacco
  • chew sugarless gum
  • avoid hot, spicy foods
  • brush with baking soda and water
  • use capsaicin (hot pepper) mouth rinses
  • do not use alcohol containing mouthwashes
  • reduce consumption of acidic foods ~ citrus

Now you know it doesn’t require hot food nor liquid to give ya a burnt, dry and bad taste sensation.