Blood Counts: Causes for Low, High Red and White Blood Cell Count

A complete blood count test is a diagnostic, assessment and management tool for many conditions. For example discovering blood disorders or diseases, which can cause some serious problems.

Red and white blood counts can indicate some other general health problems with:

Anemia is the condition used to refer to lower than normal red cell counts. Several diseases, disorders or conditions can cause a reduced production or premature destruction of red blood cells, including:

When your body is in the state of a low red blood cell count, it causes low oxygen level symptoms of:

High red blood cell counts, or a high hematocrit, can be caused by:

Neutropenia is when your blood is low in a certain type of white blood cell that protects you against bacterial infections. Causes for this low white blood cell count include:

Low white blood cell count causes symptoms like:

A high white blood cell count, or leukocytosis, is typically caused by:

Blood counts really do count for assessing the state of your health. So don’t hesitate to get poked.