Bloated Reasons Why Your Stomach Feels So Full

A bloated stomach is a common condition, usually resulting from your over-eating rather than from any serious illness. Bloating (abdominal distention) is often just intestinal gas.

Gas and bloating typically result from:

If your abdominal swelling is caused by absorption problems, try changing your diet and reduce your consumption of milk consumption to see if this helps.

In rare cases, abdominal distention (bloating) may result from the accumulation of fluid in the abdomen. This can be a sign of a serious medical problems, but usually you will experience other symptoms as well.

Bloating which results from a heavy meal will go away once your body completes digesting it. Try eating slower and in moderation in the future. This eating pattern helps prevent your stomach from swelling.

Contact your health care provider if:

  • abdomen is tender to touch
  • swelling is accompanied by other unexplained symptoms
  • abdominal swelling is getting worse and does not go away

Bloating in your stomach is also an early sign of stomach cancer.

Bloating makes your stomach feel full. While bloated, sitting may be uncomfortable. Lie down and massage your abdominal area for some relief.