Bike Friendly: Bike Paths for Travel

Exploration is a natural human drive.  Although many explore by car, I find it much more satisfying to pedal into the unknown. Biking ignites pleasure beyond sight by stimulating a sense of sound, smell and feel of the area. I prefer to ride in a bike friendly environment, ideally on a bike path. As an avid bike explorer I have discovered some spots are way more bike friendly than others. And just because you have a bike helmet on doesn’t make it safe. 

My “summer of 2018” plan is to travel by motor vehicle and check out as many bike paths around the country as possible. Travel planning on the internet for bike friendly results in essentially big cities. Great answer if you desire to move to a commute by bike place. But if you plan to explore more rural areas on a bike, this list doesn’t help much.

So I figured I would share some bike path highlights I found on my travels. Below is a list of posts about the bike paths I’ve rode and an assessment on how bike friendly the neighborhood appears. Hopefully the information will help you plan an awesome vacation saddled up on your bike.