Basal Cell Carcinoma Skin Cancer Causes Not Heal, Bleeding Sore Symptoms

Do you have a bleeding sore that will not heal? Did this sore appear for no apparent reason? Is it somewhere on your head or neck?

Then ask your health care provider to check it out for basal cell carcinoma. Being the most common form of non-melanoma skin cancer, it usually develops in sun soaked skin regions, particularly your head and neck areas.

Basal cell carcinoma tends to grow slowly, is typically painless, easily treated and rarely spreads. But if you leave this skin cancer untreated, it can fan out into nearby lymph nodes or invade bone and other tissue.

Although the majority of basal cell carcinomas flourish in your sun exposed parts, it can get going on skin that’s rarely seen the light of day.

The typical warning symptom for this type of skin cancer is a sore that will not heal and frequently bleeds. Yet, it can take on other forms, like:

Basal cell carcinoma can appear only slightly different from your normal skin as well.

Ofttimes, treatment for your not healing, bleeding basal cell carcinoma skin cancer is no big deal. Your tumor might be cut out, scraped away or frozen off. Radiation may be used if your cancer has spread or can’t be treated via the other means.

Recurrence rate for basal cell carcinoma is high. About a 50-50 chance of developing another in the same spot or somewhere else within 5 years.