Common Cold Causes Sneezing, Scratchy Sore Throat and Runny Nose for Virus Infection Treatment

Sneezingscratchy sore throatstuffy runny nose and coughing symptoms of a common cold is life’s most common illness. In the U.S. alone, around 1 billion “come down with” common cold respiratory infection every year.

Common cold indications usually begin to occur 2 to 3 days after infection, with mucus buildup in your nose and sinuses causing sneezing, sore throat and cough. These “difficult to breath” affects last between 2 to 14 days, most recovering in about a week.

The common cold season is during periods of low humidity, typically the colder months of the year. Virus survival is better in low humidity.

Also, this type of climate condition dries out your nasal lining, making it to be more vulnerable to viral infections.

Your common cold could have been caused by several different viruses, like:

Rhinovirus is the most common causer of a cold.

The two most common transmissions of the cold virus is by:

  • inhaling mucus drops full of common cold germs
  • touching skin/surfaces that have common cold germs on them, followed by you touching or rubbing your eyes/nose

Rhinoviruses can live up to 3 hours on skin and surfaces.

Your shortest virus infection treatment route to recovery and sneezing, scratchy sore throat and runny nose symptom relief from a common cold is by:

  • get plenty of rest
  • drink plenty fluids
  • gargle with warm salt water
  • use cough drops or throat sprays
  • take OTC pain/cold medicines ~ no aspirin for children

Some have discovered that antihistamines treat their cold much better than over-the-counter cough medicine for common cold and fluAntibiotics will not work for you in your battle against this type, or any type, of virus infection.

How to avoid that sneezing, scratchy sore throat and runny nose symptoms of the common cold is by avoiding close contact with one of its contagious carriers.

Washing your hands regularly with soap and water, during coldseason especially, is the simplest and most effective way to keep from getting, or giving, the common cold virus.

To keep everyone healthy, please cover your nose & mouth to catch your own sneezed germs, and stay away from others when thecommon cold pays them a visit.