Aldosterone High and Low Level Causes Hyperaldosteronism or Hypoaldosteronism Disorders

Aldosterone is an adrenal gland released hormone. It assists in regulating blood pressure, and controls water, salt and potassium balance. Unhealthy levels of aldosterone causes either hyperaldosteronism or hyporaldosteronism disorders.

Factors that can act on your aldosterone amounts include:

  • stress
  • salt intake
  • strenuous exercise

Medications can also be a cause for influencing aldosterone release, including:

Hyperaldosteronism is too much aldosterone running around. And an aldosterone overproduction causes symptoms of:

Some may experience no obvious symptoms.

Hyperaldosteronism is classified as primary or secondary. Primary hyperaldosteronism means you have a problem with your adrenal gland itself. Most cases caused by a benign adrenal tumor.

Secondary hyperaldosteronism has some other causation, such as:

It is the disease that actually causes your elevated aldosterone.

Primary hyperaldosteronism is usually treated with removing your tumor. Whereas, secondary is treatment of your underlying condition.

Hypoaldosteronism is a “reduced production of aldosterone” disorder. It usually occurs as part of adrenal insufficiency.

Hypoaldosteronism causes symptoms of:

When your aldosterone level is below normal, it may evidence:

Health aspiring diet and exercise may well be your high low aldosterone level deterrence.