About Vaginal Discharge, Feminine Mucus Secretions, Excessive Female Discharge, Vaginal Moisture Causes

For childbearing aged women, experiencing some degree of vaginal discharge or secretion is healthy, natural and normal. This moist nuisance, lasting from puberty to menopause, does have its benefits.

Feminine discharge is mucus produced by the cervical glands to help clean, moisten and fight infection as it dribbles down your vagina. Once the oozed moisture is exposed to air, it may turn white or yellow.

It’s normal for female discharge to vary from one menstrual cycle to the next. These variances in consistency, color, smell, texture and amount should be expected:

  • thin
  • clear
  • thick
  • white
  • pasty
  • sticky
  • gooey
  • elastic
  • cloudy
  • odorless
  • off-white
  • slight odor

The amount of mucus produced depends on the amount of circulating estrogen. A significant increase in the secretion of this hormone is just before ovulation.

However, some of the changes in your discharge, or its impact on your vulva area, may indicate a problem. Associated unhealthy moisture symptoms are:

  • foamy
  • itching
  • grayish
  • burning
  • redness
  • swelling
  • spotting
  • bleeding
  • greenish
  • bad odor
  • thick, clumpy
  • pus appearing
  • unpleasant odor

Be on the look out for any sudden, significant secretion changes.

Some circumstances can cause excessive moisture, such as:

  • ovulation
  • emotional stress
  • sexual excitement

Several health conditions can cause abnormal vaginal discharge. As a woman, it’s important to know how these diseases can alter your natural vaginal moisture:

Your yeast infection risk increases if you have diabetes or HIV, on antibiotics or take birth control pills. And during pregnancy, normal vaginal discharge is thin, white, milky and mild smelling.

Some products can cause the balance of healthy bacteria in your vagina to be disturbed, including:

  • douching
  • bubble baths
  • certain soaps
  • feminine hygiene sprays

Your attempts to mask vaginal odor with sweet smelling chemicals may cause a feminine issue to escalate. Best to pay your health care professional a visit for an excessive female discharge solution.

Up to a year prior to a young females first menstrual cycle, she may start producing vaginal discharge. This secretion is normal and is caused by hormone level adjustments.

Sometimes a normal vaginal discharge can irritate your skin, especially in hot and humid climates. Combat your feminine area irritation by wearing cotton underwear and breathable outerwear.

Go ahead and contact a health care professional when:

And please don’t feel compelled to douche before you get with your gynecologist. Their task is to evaluate the health of this very important female part. Germs and all.