About Saliva Home Test Kit, Salivary Hormone Testing, How Saliva Ovulation Tests Work

Your saliva contains several substances that can be tested and used for screening, diagnosis and monitoring. In particular, steroids, other hormones, therapeutic drugs and antibodies. Salivary testing can even reveal the illicit drug use of marijuana, cocaine, opiates and amphetamines.

You can buy your own saliva home test kit to check out a variety of health related matters. For instance, salivary hormone testing can be collected to monitor fertility rhythm, as well as menopause and andropause fluctuations. Some other available home saliva kits can test for lead, pH, illicit drugs,alcohol and nicotine.

Also, salivary tests might be administered by your health care provider to evaluate:

Salivary test analysis may one day be a standard for diagnosing hereditary, autoimmune and malignant diseases.

Because your adrenal glands produce cortisol in relation to a circadian rhythm, this stress and inflammation causing hormone fluctuates throughout the day. As such, some in the medical profession believe that the only feasible way for accurately assessing the health and treatment of your adrenal gland is by using a saliva home test kit.

Salivary hormone kits are available for men and women who want to home test their hormones in a quest for balance. In addition, saliva samplings over a designated time period can more accurately measure female hormone levels to assess changes associated with menopause, fertility and hormone replacement therapy.

With the use of a simple saliva ovulation test kit you can potentially determine when you’re ovulating. Designed to be used at home, this test kit is useful when trying to conceive. However, ovulation saliva test is not a recommended as method for birth control, as it’s not reliable enough to prevent pregnancy.

How a saliva ovulation test works is by a pattern in the shape of a fern forming out your saliva when it dries. The timing of this pattern is due to hormonal changes, especially an increase in estrogen. This change is indicative that your time of ovulation is near.

So succinctly, how a saliva ovulation test work is by helping you determine your most fertile time during your menstrual cycle. In other words, you greatest opportunity for conception.

Saliva ovulation tests do not work well for all women alike. Some of the various reasons why are:

  • you might fern outside fertile days
  • you may not be able to see the fern
  • not all woman’s saliva forms a fern pattern
  • fern may develop when you’re already pregnant
  • you may not necessarily fern on all of their fertile days
  • smoking, eating, drinking, teeth brushing may affect fern formation

The best test results occur within the 5 day around your predicted ovulation period, including the 2 days before and after.

A positive ovulation test indicates you’re likely near ovulation, but it’s no guarantee for becoming pregnant. And a negative on this saliva test doesn’t necessarily mean you’re not ovulating.

If a couple of attempts at impregnation have failed, then this saliva test is probably worth an ovulating chance.